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Subject:SF Metadata Tags issue
Posted by: schmidj
Date:2/6/2014 9:06:47 PM

I use a program called dbPoweramp to convert .wav files to other formats for my Ipod and home music server. A major reason I use it is because it automatically moves the ID tags to the new files, puts the files in the correct directories and subdirectories and creates M3U files I need for my players. But for it to work, I have to insert all the correct metadata it needs to do things correctly. Two of these items, a "compilation" flag and an "Album Artist" tag are not in the flags supported by SF. No problem (I thought) dbPoweramp adds some very convenient id tag viewing and editing features to Windows Explorer.

However, I found that when I edited the ID tags using these tools, sometimes, it would not allow me to add the two above items. It took me a couple of weeks of hair pulling and blaming other software to get to the bottom of it. I finally realized that files created by SF, by recording, or exporting regions from other files, wouldn't allow the addition of the new tags. Files created elsewhere, like my handheld digital recorder, had no problem, even when edited - and "saved as'd" - in SF 11 .

Now that I knew what the issue was, I contacted dbPoweramp support. Within minutes I got the following reply:

"The Sony writes only LIST tags which cannot hold the values you want, dBpoweramp when creating a new file will write LIST + id3 tags, which can hold them.

To update the file to both LIST + id3, install the ultility codec 'ID Tag Update' and convert the file to this codec to rewrite the tags. "

(within dbPoweramp's format converter).

I did it, and it solved the issue, but Sony should get up-to-date and write the ID3 tags These tags are very common, and are required for many audio players to properly select the files for playback.

Subject:RE: SF Metadata Tags issue
Reply by: sophocles
Date:4/5/2014 5:48:26 PM


Subject:RE: SF Metadata Tags issue
Reply by: FabN
Date:4/10/2014 12:00:09 PM


SONY? Somebody here?

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