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Subject:ToonTracks Superior Drummer in Acid Pro
Posted by: 2knowone2
Date:2/7/2014 12:16:04 PM

I'm trying to use Toontracks Superior Drummer 2.0 as a plug-in in acid Pro7.
However I cannot get Superior Drummer to show up in my Acid Pro fx plug ins. At first I thought it was a pathway problem because i did a scan of the pathways and was showing loaded as "failed" so I dropped all Toontracks/superior drummer folders into VST plug-ins, then I rescan and that seems to accept the pathway.
But now when I open "ALL' plug-ins it's nowhere to be found. However it does show up in Reaper...And seems to function properly there.
I know that Windows 8 has had issues with .dll files and folders not being properly pathwayed as I have experienced this several other software's I use... I have to manually put them in the proper pathways. But I've done all that I know in this instance and it's not working.
I've seen other people using superior drummer and ez drummer with Acid... can anyone help me as to what might be the problem?

I'm running Windows 8.1
on an MSI gaming computer that is smoking fast.
i7 3630QM

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Subject:RE: ToonTracks Superior Drummer in Acid Pro
Reply by: mike_in_ky
Date:2/7/2014 2:25:29 PM

Check to see if ToonTracks is a 64-bit plugin. As far as I know, Acid Pro 7 is still a 32-bit application. IF so, it probably won't see it.

Subject:RE: ToonTracks Superior Drummer in Acid Pro
Reply by: Frank Z
Date:2/28/2014 5:25:19 PM

And if it is 64bit, you can use jBridge to get it to show...

Subject:RE: ToonTracks Superior Drummer in Acid Pro
Reply by: Keefus
Date:3/13/2014 11:00:48 PM

Toontracks SPD 2.0 runs in 32 & 64 bits
As far as I know you won't be able to load SPD as an FX only as a VST
as long as you've placed the SPD (Toontrack) dll file is in your vstplugin folder as you stated, when you boot Acid it should scan upon start up and once opened you will find SPD available for use. If after having done this if you still can't find SPD then I suggest you contact Toontrack support they are extremely helpful with tech related questions Best of Luck

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