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Subject:Channel Converter bug
Posted by: Jpayne
Date:10/17/2013 12:06:14 PM

I'm a new user of SoundForge Pro 11, but I do believe this is a bug. If not, please tell me what/how to fix it. When I launch Channel Converter to convert a stereo file to mono, it hangs AND the Channel Converter Icon stays visible on every window I open. Even if I close SoundForge, it still appears on every screen until I shut down. It stays off unless I try and convert a file again. This seems to be a pretty big problem, and I can't convert files. I've had the software about a month, but I used the trial before that.
Any suggestions for fixing this are welcome as I must convert some files in order to send them and this is a real problem. I don't see a "repair" function in SoundForge and am wondering if I need to uninstall and reinstall the software, but would hope to avoid that, if possible.

Subject:RE: Channel Converter bug
Reply by: FabN
Date:1/20/2014 3:14:27 PM

Hey, hey!
Sony support team should be aware of this, because I opened tickets about this bug.
This is what I know:
As soon as SF has been frozen, just re open it, it should work nicely, but you will keep the icon visible. Quite annoying.
I had the same bug with different fx, like iZotope dithering, DC remover just to name a few.
I finally discovered that the guilty process was my Logitech software.
Use task manager and kill on of the two process, then both of them will disapear.
Then SF should not bug anymore!

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