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Subject:ACID Pro 8 ??
Posted by: bman63
Date:1/16/2014 7:22:37 AM

Any news about ACID at all? Is there going to be a ACID Pro 8?
Is it going to be a Mac version ever?

Subject:RE: ACID Pro 8 ??
Reply by: 519tbarr
Date:1/16/2014 8:34:00 AM

The bottom line is no one really knows!
Most of the user base considers the platform dead and not in development.
SCS has been MUM on Acid Pro for years. There has not been an update to AP7 since Feb 2010 and AP7 was released in 2008.
They did just release ACID Music Studio 10 - a dummied down version of ACID Pro with a few added features.
That's all we can say!

Subject:RE: ACID Pro 8 ??
Reply by: bman63
Date:1/16/2014 11:12:45 AM

Someone should give Sony a call i think. Its to good software to just ignore.

Subject:RE: ACID Pro 8 ??
Reply by: Vocalpoint
Date:1/16/2014 12:22:42 PM

Someone should give Sony a call i think. Its to good software to just ignore.

Why would we need to give Sony "a call"?

Even if they were building an AP8 - they won't tell you, me or anyone else about it.

Bottom line - given the amount of time that has passed (5+ years) it's either dead (most likely) or they are building something so cool - it's taken 5+ years to realize (doubtful).

It's dead to me. That way - if a new version does suddenly appear - I would be instantly stoked.

But constantly burning energy or asking questions about "where is AP8?" at this point - is totally pointless.


Subject:RE: ACID Pro 8 ??
Reply by: Frank Z
Date:2/28/2014 5:33:07 PM

I'm assuming it dead since the Music Studio has had three revisions since and Pro has had none. They might as well retrofit the pro features into the current Music Studio and call it a day....

Subject:RE: ACID Pro 8 ??
Reply by: Geoff_Wood
Date:2/28/2014 10:52:27 PM

It's dead to me..."

Yes, I guess that's why we're all still hanging around here ?!?!


Subject:RE: ACID Pro 8 ??
Reply by: Vocalpoint
Date:3/3/2014 9:11:31 AM

Yes, I guess that's why we're all still hanging around here ?!?!

Well - I don't consider stopping by twice a month to mean "hanging around".

But I am still a paying customer and would like a definitive answer as to where we really stand - even if it takes 7 years to get an answer :)


Subject:RE: ACID Pro 8 ??
Reply by: VMP
Date:3/11/2014 2:04:38 PM

Sony Please give Acid pro 7 64 bit support.

That's the only major problem I have with AP7, not being able to use the available memory on my system due to it being 32 bit.
I can't load the new VST instruments from East West, like Hollywood strings. loading multiple patches crashes AP7.

Subject:RE: ACID Pro 8 ??
Reply by: april.exe
Date:3/12/2014 12:58:26 AM

Sorry to bring up the H word but I am kind of surprised that none of the hackers have written in some sort of patch merging 64 bit Vegas with the Acid exe. Likewise for the Mac version of sound forge although that would be a different set of code entirely. I come around once a month or so and am also disheartened to see a Music Studio 10 and nothing for Acid Pro. Having said that.....I can defiantly say that the AP7 performance on XP under Paralels Desktop 9 ....running on OSX outstanding. A native Mac version would be nice but my current virtualized setup has been running at least as fast as it was on my Dell M4600. My experience with Acid in WINE under Ubuntu on the Dell and Crossover on the Mac has been ok, no where as good as a proper VM.
I have not tried boot camp but see no reason why that would not be identical to just using a PC.

At the end of the day my number one motivation was to get off of Windows. I focused on making sure I would be able to quickly load all of my Acid projects and so far so good.

The thing that saved AP7 for me was switching to the Dell M4600 in 2011, adding 16 gb ram, for Win7 overhead, not to magically give AP7 more ram....and first and foremost switching to a solid state drive regardless of ram or os. I do believe that XP SP 2 is the good OS for AP7 if you can swing it. I bought Music studio 9 just to see....turned out that yes it does load AP7 projects and will also run fine if you copy the project files folder from a Win 7 machine to an XP.

I still like the quickness of cutting loops in Acid better than in Logic. Time will tell I guess, lots and lots of
Good luck all and happy hacking, not to be confused with warez....I trust everyone gets the difference there.

2011 MBP
2.0 i7 quad
16 gb 1333 MHz ram
Samsung 830 SSD
Logic ProX
Acid Pro 7 in Parallels Desktop 9

Subject:RE: ACID Pro 8 ??
Reply by: VMP
Date:3/12/2014 8:34:48 PM

Good point april.exe,

I was thinking the same and searched a while ago for a custom made patch that would enable AP7 64 bit mode, but did not find anything so far.

I wonder why Sony has halted working on Acid Pro 7. It is really sad.
64 bit memory support is the only thing that I am asking for.

Subject:RE: ACID Pro 8 ??
Reply by: Randy Hayes
Date:3/14/2014 10:24:46 AM

I haven't been able to find another DAW that appeared to be fully-baked enough to be worth learning new software [pause for dramatic effect] until now.

Sonar X3 Producer is excellent and has an interface that allows a smooth transition for Acid users. Acid became so buggy that it would crash every third click or so. I just had to look elsewhere, and now that I have, it's just plain embarrassing that Sony is still selling Acid in its current form. Are any of you reading this message with Netscape Navigator? It's okay to let go.

Subject:RE: ACID Pro 8 ??
Reply by: SHTUNOT
Date:3/15/2014 9:41:16 AM

IMHO...the way we all saw soundforge Mac 1.0 released with limited features to the PC version...

They should focus on the looping/stretching portion of the app. Focus on it's workflow strengths as opposed to being a DAW...which when compared to Logic X features/price they would be wasting their time.

Make it able to rewire 64 slave to a real full featured DAW like Logic/protools.

It's sad that it has gone from a full fledged daw contender down to barely a iOS app but that's where we are so let's just grin and deal with it.

I would love to play around and start off and write in acid then complete my project in Logic X...

Message last edited on3/15/2014 9:45:52 AM bySHTUNOT.
Subject:RE: ACID Pro 8 ??
Reply by: Kit
Date:3/15/2014 9:47:31 PM

Why Sonar X3 Producer rather than Reaper? I'm still using Acid.

Subject:RE: ACID Pro 8 ??
Reply by: DrLumen
Date:3/18/2014 1:38:08 AM

I don't know about Randy but I went to back to Cakewalk/Sonar X3 as I was more familiar with their interface and mindset. I used Cakewalk for many versions/years. I couldn't get into using Reaper - just something about it I didn't like.

Plus, Cakewalk started in MIDI so they have a much fuller MIDI toolset than Acid or Reaper.

I liked the looping that was available in Acid but kept having issues with it. I still use Acid occasionally for converting the few Sony loops that Sonar doesn't like.

Message last edited on3/18/2014 1:39:03 AM byDrLumen.
Subject:RE: ACID Pro 8 ??
Reply by: kitekrazee
Date:3/18/2014 11:38:37 AM

Soundforge isn't 64 bit either. I could be to make a 64 bit version they need to start from scratch.

Subject:RE: ACID Pro 8 ??
Reply by: Frank Z
Date:4/29/2014 12:28:09 PM

I just bought Tracktion 5 as a possible ACID Pro alternative. I still plan on using current ACID Studio for base tracks because the loop drawing is a good workflow for me. But for the full production, I plan on exporting out.

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