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Subject:Making preset lists on files.
Posted by: Gus Audio
Date:12/14/2013 9:10:32 PM


Not sure if that came across the way I wanted it to. I'm wondering if there is a way I can make a list of what tools and presets I used on a file? I know that we have the redo, undo list but I would like to be able to save a list of the presets I used on a file. I master DJ sets and sometimes I can work on 8 hour or longer files that takes me a while to finish. I often make different versions of the same set to compare what I did and pick the best sounding one. It would be helpful to be able to check on a metadata file or like wise on what process and presets I used on the file instead of keeping notes and writing what I did on a note pad.

Any help would be great.


Subject:RE: Making preset lists on files.
Reply by: ChristoC
Date:12/15/2013 2:03:43 PM

All I can think of is the old way - buy an "exercise book" (like you had at school) and keep notes!

Subject:RE: Making preset lists on files.
Reply by: Gus Audio
Date:12/17/2013 9:17:00 PM

Hey C!

That's what I was afraid of. Been doing that already for years. Would be nice to have it on the program.

Thanks for the reply.


Subject:RE: Making preset lists on files.
Reply by: rraud
Date:12/19/2013 10:05:43 AM

The SCS 'Preset Manager' utility (free separate download) can save all your presets and preset chains including VST plugs. Depending on your workflow, It may or may not do exactly what you desire though.
There is 'Scripting' as well.

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