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Subject:Bug: Zero cross snapping is broken
Posted by: DavidF
Date:12/12/2013 5:10:29 AM

If you use Snap to Zero-crossings on stereo-files SF11 just snaps the left channel - but the user natrually expect it to check all/both channels.

It causes stereo-loops to click even though the user expects it to create perfect loops.

Please consider

1) renaming the zero-crossing option to Zero-crossing (mono)
2) make it snap only where both/all channels cross zero (or close)
3) make it not work in multichannel/stereo mode.

Subject:RE: Bug: Zero cross snapping is broken
Reply by: ChristoC
Date:12/12/2013 1:38:29 PM

Actually I don't think you can claim Zero Cross Snapping is "broken" because it never worked the way you desire in the first place..... i.e., in earlier versions.

SoundForgePro treats Stereo and Multichannel files the same - it does not break the link between the channels, which would result in 'ragged' edit ( where L & R are different lengths, and a loop end may then not fit a loop start) therefore with some files it will be impossible to 'find' a zero cross at same instance in all channels. You need to find the 'best fit' if you can.

As far as only working on the Left Channel, I think you will find it will snap to whichever channel your mouse is hovering above at the time you make a selection move, so you can select the desired channel, hopefully getting the smallest possible discontinuity in the other channel.

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Subject:RE: Bug: Zero cross snapping is broken
Reply by: DavidF
Date:12/16/2013 5:57:56 AM

You're right. Let me rephrase:

Zero cross snapping is unpredicable and works unlike new users would expect (users who aren't familiar with the SF legacy).

When you make a multi-channel range it secretly works only on the first channel (with no notice). Only if you range a single channel it will snap to zero on that specific channel.

This issue could be easily fixed by simply

1) highlightning the snapping point (thereby letting the user know it can ONLY snap on the first channel in a multi-channel range)

2) disabling zero snap for multi-channel ranges

or better

3) letting the user choose which channel is snapping in a multi-channel range

4) making zero-cross snappings happen only when ALL channels cross zero for multi-channel ranges (perhaps within a user-specified threshold)

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