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Subject:Sample rate / support / updates
Date:9/30/2013 11:55:08 AM

Hey guys

emailed support some months back on this, never got any reply. It's also kind of dead in here ....but maybe somebody else found a workaround to this :)

There's a (reproducible) problem for me in SF: It only handles different sample rates correctly if running alone on the system. if another application (Logic, Live, etc) is using a sound device in a sample rate, SF locks to this sample rate and plays back any file at the speed of the external sample rate. So if Logic is open at 44khz and I open a 96khz file in SF, it plaaaayyyyys baaaaaack iiiiin 44khz, not 96 khz. This is rather.. ah.. unusable.

Don't have this problem in any other wave editors, they happily play back whatever sample rates?

Subject:RE: Sample rate / support / updates
Reply by: jackn2mpu
Date:10/6/2013 9:39:46 AM

Actually this is normal. First program that gets to a sound interface locks the interface to a particular sample rate. And most interfaces won't change sample rates without rebooting.


Subject:RE: Sample rate / support / updates
Date:10/8/2013 2:22:06 PM

Hi Jack, I'm not expecting (or asking) SF to change the sound interface sample rate for every new file. I'm expecting Soundforge to play back any file of any sample rate regardless of interface rate.

If the sound interface is at 96k (because for example Logic set it at 96k), all other apps play back 44k files, or 48k files, or whatever-k files without a problem, through the same interface. iTunes, Spotlight, Wave Editor, Melodyne, RX 2, whatever. Only Soundforge screws it up.

The only other app that seems to "blink" at multiple sample rates is the recent new RX 3 from Izotope; it takes a second of "buffering" or something to do something internal when playing back files of samplerates different from interface rate. Then it plays it correctly. If equal rate then immediate play without buffering.

Subject:RE: Sample rate / support / updates
Reply by: pwppch
Date:10/9/2013 1:07:58 AM

We are looking into this.


Subject:RE: Sample rate / support / updates
Date:10/10/2013 2:08:33 AM


Subject:RE: Sample rate / support / updates
Reply by: Beobe
Date:10/26/2013 8:03:48 AM

Awesome. Thank you for the work around. I had no idea why this only happened sometimes. Hopefully this gets fixed. In the meantime, I'll just shut down Logic before opening SF. Cheers :O)

Subject:RE: Sample rate / support / updates
Reply by: Gildabass
Date:9/18/2014 12:24:21 PM

Flag !
I've had speed reading problems with Sound forge Mac since month and i just figured out it was exactly this issue (playing at whatever sample rate Logic Pro is, regardless of the sample rate of the file).
Any news / update since last year ???

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