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Subject:Can You Believe it's Been 5 years???!!!
Posted by: 519tbarr
Date:10/15/2013 10:52:40 PM

The three years title (forum thread) was driving me nuts in these forums.
Released in October 2008 - the last version of Acid Pro (version 7) was released.
The fan base has dwindled and Sony has kept Silent on Acid Pro's development for years. AES is this week but Sony is not there. Windows 8.1 is released to the masses on October 18th.
5 years later... What gives...???

Subject:RE: Can You Believe it's Been 5 years???!!!
Reply by: Kit
Date:10/16/2013 7:43:51 AM

The time gone coupled with Sony's total failure to come clean about their plans for Acid is leading me to the point where I am preparing to give up on Sony completely and permanently.

Subject:RE: Can You Believe it's Been 5 years???!!!
Reply by: 519tbarr
Date:10/16/2013 9:33:30 AM

Totally understandable!
I loved Acid Pro. Learning the software was a breeze and wildly enjoyable for a guy who knew nothing about computers about 6 years ago.
Watching the software hang around as long as it has, even paying for the software like I did, and not knowing if an update was ever in the wings has been brutally painful. Acid Pro is no longer my recording platform.
I moved on to Studio One and Reaper.
After not updating in over 3 years the current software and being stuck on the same Version 5 years later, unless their is some miracle around the corner... Sony has killed a brilliant piece of software and should have sold it a long time ago to someone who would further develop it.

Subject:RE: Can You Believe it's Been 5 years???!!!
Reply by: Vocalpoint
Date:10/16/2013 5:01:30 PM

Sony's silence is their only explanation.

Again - while they should have done right by the user community and explained why the software suddenly disappeared - the bottom line here is - SMS does not have to do anything or explain anything to anyone.

And since they have been silent on this since early 2010 - there are only two possibilities:

1. Acid (Pro) will be reborn for a new generation of users and platforms
2. Acid Pro is gone and never to return.

3. A possible third is that Sony's higher ups decided they no longer wanted to pour resources into Pro and left Acid Studio as the only player - now or in the future.

Truth be told - Acid was nowhere near close to being a real pro level DAW in my mind. Not when compared to powerhouses like Nuendo or Studio One.

So - no real loss to me - as I treated and used Acid Pro as the simple app I saw it to be. It was never stable enough (or featured enough) for large scale productions (lots of VSTi , MIDI etc) and historically I had more trouble when I pushed it than it was worth. So I stopped pushing :)

But - as a "idea" layout tool - to get a basic framework in place - it continues to rock for that.


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Subject:RE: Can You Believe it's Been 5 years???!!!
Reply by: MyST
Date:10/22/2013 11:15:37 AM

Possibility #4...

The future release of Acid Pro is soooo beyond anything out there, the whole project, including developement crew, has been moved to Area 51. That explains the silence on Sony's part (understandable given the circumstances).

The only leaked info is that they moved the alien from Roswell out of the main research facility to make room for Peter's computer.

s'wat I heard.

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