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Posted by: TheDawg
Date:10/13/2013 5:55:34 PM

I am new to Acid Music Studio 8.0 and I open an MP3 file with percussion and record my guitar as a listen. When I play it back the guitar lags significantly. I do not use the "beatmapped" option, I use one shot.

Any help?

Subject:RE: Synchronization
Reply by: b.complex
Date:10/14/2013 12:10:10 PM

Hey brother,

It sounds like you are experiencing what is known as " hardware latency" - which is the time it takes for your guitar signal to travel from the input of your audio device or soundcard through the software and back to the headphones or speakers you are using.
This has more to do with your audio device than whether or not you have it set to "beatmap" or "one shot" - Under the preferences menu, check out the settings for your audio device and make sure you either have it optimized or you are letting ACID detect it for you and adjust. You also need to have the latest audio drivers for your device and make sure that the device you want to use is selected. ASIO drivers are usually best if they are available for your device.

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