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Subject:Plug-in Chainer - Can't Apply- Need to restate
Posted by: scott2eh
Date:10/8/2013 7:09:06 PM

Sorry to repeat this but I think it's important. I have officially switched back to SF10 because I can't Apply the plugin chainer in 11.

I use volume envelopes in music editing CONSTANTLY. I often have 10-20 different little bits of a song open at one time trying to get them to all flow from one to the other smoothly (dance teachers want the strangest edits!!) and I have to do volume envelopes to many of them.

I simply can't take the time to name and save every one of these, not to mention having to clean them off my hard drive later. Also keep in mind that it usually isn't perfect the first time and to fiddle with the envelope over and over to get it exactly right.

My editing time has DOUBLED since I started using SF11 and my clients don't like that. I absolutely need to be able to simply APPLY, close the plugin chainer window and move on and get the work done.

Other than that I will say that I haven't seen any other problems (so far). No crashes like a few others have mentioned. I'm on a fairly new quad-core hyperthreaded computer with SSD hard drives and lots of RAM, with Windows 7 64bit with all patches.

So, one little change and I'm happy! (except for dropping markers, but I'll talk about that later)


Subject:RE: Plug-in Chainer - Can't Apply- Need to restate
Reply by: J.
Date:10/10/2013 9:53:37 AM

Not to distract from your request, but...

From your description, it sure sounds like splitting the bits into events and adjusting those levels in event-mode would be much easier. Forge 11 has features to keep envelopes locked to events when you move them, so you could work on the entire project, moving and adjusting event position, gain, and a volume envelope, til it's just-so and you can render the whole thing once.

Just a thought,

Subject:RE: Plug-in Chainer - Can't Apply- Need to restate
Reply by: scott2eh
Date:10/23/2013 5:06:53 PM

Ok, I'll look into that. It's not really what I want but might help for now. Thanks for the suggestion!


Subject:RE: Plug-in Chainer - Can't Apply- Need to restate
Reply by: David Thiel
Date:10/30/2013 2:02:41 PM

7 weeks ago I logged a customer support issue on this very topic. I select regions and apply FX chains all the time every day. This functionality is what I use Sound Forge for.
I cannot find how to apply an FX chain (and perhaps undo it) like I would in SF10. The buttons are just not there.
I have search the manual, the interface. Nothing.
I don't want to save the file to apply the FX chain. I may want to undo it. Besides I frequently highlight 3 seconds and apply a limiter multiple times for volume leveling in a 30 minute file. I don't want to be saving big files over and over.
I got a notice of the upgrade. Installed it. No difference on this issue.
Just sayin.

Subject:RE: Plug-in Chainer - Can't Apply- Need to restate
Reply by: J.
Date:11/14/2013 9:58:52 AM

As pointed out in other threads, if you aren't automating parameters, there is a new option in FX Favorites called Apply Plug-In Chain. You can assign any chain, you can Repeat like any other process, you can undo/redo.

It is described in the help under Applying Processes and Effects.

...and I just realized that was you in the other thread. So you probably already know this.

Some people seem to forget about Repeat, though, so unless you are tweaking parameters every time you apply a chain (and I expect perhaps you are), you can just set up and process the chain once, then Ctrl+Y on any other selection to re-apply the same chain (or hold down Shift while selecting this or most any processing menu option, which applies the 'last used' settings immediately).


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