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Subject:SF11 - Volume Envelope Not Visible
Posted by: scott2eh
Date:9/7/2013 12:04:48 PM

I used to just hit V to add a volume envelope but that does not work in SF 11. The plugin chainer window appears and volume is listed but there is no envelope in the window.

I tried clicking Show Parameters, then in that line I clicked Show Envelope and even Enable Envelope. When I click the focus back to the data window and hit V the little glasses icon/button in the plugin chainer turns on and off but there is no envelope on the screen. It used to appear in the vertical center of the window.

Is there something else I have to do to turn that on now? I've checked the view and Options menus and I don't see anything.

This is Windows 7, SP1, 16GB ram, Quad Core CPU.

Any ideas?


EDIT: After restarting SF the envelope is now visible. Strange.

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Subject:RE: SF11 - Volume Envelope Not Visible
Reply by: bdg
Date:9/7/2013 5:27:54 PM

I have not used the volume envelope in SF before, it doesn't appear to be in SF9.
However I am delighted to see it is in 11 (I use it all the time in Vegas where the shortcut is <Shift> V.
(I do wish Sony would keep the keyboard shortcuts consistent)
However now that you point it out I find V brings it up (as well as the plugin chainer window). If I then double click on the line in the centre of the audio I can create a handle and move it around. If I create other handles by double clicking on the line elsewhere I can do anything I can do in Vegas.
However if I close the chainer window the envelope disappears. Pressing V again brings the envelope back up.
Looks like you have to live with the pop-up chainer window while using the volume envelope though. Not that that's a problem.

Subject:RE: SF11 - Volume Envelope Not Visible
Reply by: scott2eh
Date:9/7/2013 5:42:08 PM

I just restarted SF11 and now the envelope is visible. No idea why that would happen. And yes it's just V, and you can drag the envelope any way you want. Very nice to have and I use it a LOT in music editing.

But now there's a much bigger problem: I can't find the button to Process Selection!! In the older versions you click that button to actually change the audio and then you can close that little window.

But now that I can finally see and draw the envelope, I can't actually change the waveform!! Help again!!! I'm in the middle of a big music edit for a pro sports team and I can't do what I need to do!!

Anyone know what happened to the Process Selection button?


Subject:RE: SF11 - Volume Envelope Not Visible
Reply by: bdg
Date:9/7/2013 5:57:43 PM

Ah Hah!
Yes an apparent gotcha, however if you make the change you want to the envellope then listen to it you will hear the change, then click save and the change will be saved.

Incidently if the envelope disappears check the buttons in the pop-up window, several of them sneakily make the envellope invisible... :)

Subject:RE: SF11 - Volume Envelope Not Visible
Reply by: scott2eh
Date:9/7/2013 7:49:29 PM

Thanks, yeah I found that out. However, I often have dozens of short sound files open when editing music. I cant take the time to name and save them all, then go find and delete them later. I need to make minor volume adjustments all the time to get one thing blend nicely with another. I have to just apply that envelope, close the plug-in chainer, and move on.

So my solutions was to just use SF10 instead!

I haven't looked through teh forum yet but I hope there is a master bug list thread. I just found a bunch! including, but not limited to:

- cant apply the envelope without saving the file!! Big problem!
- When playing clips I have dragged out of the main song, it doesn't actually STOP playing at the end of the song. It just keeps playing until you hit Stop!
- Sometimes when I open effects they start previewing immediately without me touching anything!
- as I said, the envelope wasn't visible until I restarted the program. I have a pretty good video card, tons of ram and a quad core system (6 months old) and 2 SSD drives so I doubt it's my computer.

EDIT: Just found out something else weird happens with a volume envelope. I guess I had boosted just a small section of a song by 6-8db. I saved it and then closed the plugin chainer and thought I was done with it. Then I kept adding to this song I was editing together. Later after I had saved and closed it, I reopened it and found the whole thing was really loud and distorted to CRAP!!! I guess that volume envelope keeps working even after you close it! That never happened before! Totally destroyed over an hour of work. Beware!!

And this is just a wish-list thing: I'd really like to have more space AFTER the end of a song. When I'm editing bits of songs together and want to drag a new piece to the end of the song I'm building there's only a space of about half an inch of gray after the waveform ends. It's hard to drag the new clip into such a small space. I'd love to have a few inches of space so I can see more clearly what I'm doing.

Also, I can't record any more. I'm not sure if this is computer or sound card related rather than Sound Forge but I might as well mention it. I can only Play audio when I have Microsoft Sound Mapper selected in the Audio setup. But if I want to record, I have to go in there and switch it to E-mu ASIO. Then, of course, I cant hear audio playing anymore and have to switch back. I have an e-mu 1212 sound card.

I know there's probably a better place to put all this but I have work to do and have to get back to it so I thought I better just put these in here before I forget.

OVERALL.... I still love SF and think 11 is a step up. There are a bunch of things to fix, but that's normal for software. Hopefully we'll get some updates over the next few months that will take care of all this!


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Subject:RE: SF11 - Volume Envelope Not Visible
Reply by: bdg
Date:9/8/2013 12:44:08 AM

I just skimmed through your last post and my immediate thoughts are:
You might want to try using Vegas as well as SF.

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