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Subject:SF Pro 10 Update
Posted by: Sinkronizer
Date:7/31/2013 3:53:19 PM

Hi, Just noticed this, the downloads>updates page shows latest SF Pro 10 is (Build 507), I have a boxed version 10.ob (Build 474), am I automatically entitled to download and install the latest version using my current Serial Number?
Perhaps this should be obvious to me, but I'd like to check as I'm sure I will need to uninstall my current version first.

Subject:RE: SF Pro 10 Update
Reply by: sergiob
Date:7/31/2013 4:02:48 PM

Yes you are.

Subject:RE: SF Pro 10 Update
Reply by: Sinkronizer
Date:7/31/2013 4:06:04 PM

Thought so, thanks.

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