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Subject:Channels don't pan correctly on DVD playback
Posted by: jeffjams
Date:7/30/2013 2:20:53 AM

I'm using Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11.0 to render a quad recording to AC3, then using DVDA to burn the DVD.

It's a soundscape of outdoor sounds that need to play on FL, FR, RL and RR channels only. The final four files were extracted from a multichannel .wav file exported from Sonar (which has the surround panner I needed to create airplane flybys and other moving sounds).

When I play back the final DVD, some of the sounds that are panned through the center don't pan correctly...others pan through the center channel, which I don't need.

I started by using the 5.1 template in Vegas, using the 4 extracted, mono wave files on the corner channels and leaving the Center and LFE blank. When I play the tracks in Vegas, everything works perfectly. Once I convert to AC3, then burn the DVD...well, things are a little out of place.

Then I tried creating Front L+R and Rear L+R stereo files and inserted silent mono files into the Center and LFE, hoping to keep the corner tracks out of the center. Same results as before.

Is there a strict order in which the tracks must arranged in order for AC3 to work correctly?

Am I missing some setting somewhere?

Or does AC3 not produce a truly accurate set of discrete 5.1 channels?

Thanks for any thoughts on this!

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