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Subject:SF 11 Record Attributes?
Posted by: VideJoe
Date:7/24/2013 1:34:54 AM

Can't find the Record Attributes in SF 11 anymore like Sample Rate and Bit Rate. Where have these gone? Not in the Record Options.
I looked into the help files but couldn't find any useful info.
So, it's back to SF 10 until I figured that out.

Got it. File/New etc.

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Subject:RE: SF 11 Record Attributes?
Reply by: donaldh606
Date:7/24/2013 9:49:01 AM

I was a bit dazed by the changes in recording as well. Really miss the old record and remote record windows. And while I'm at it I also miss having the "apply plug-in chain" button next to the transport controls on the waveform window.


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