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Subject:Remove Album Crackle
Posted by: DKahn
Date:12/14/2001 8:43:05 PM

I have Sound forge 5.0. I want to record some older albums to burn to CD. Does anyone know the best way to remove the crackle noise present in older albums?


Subject:RE: Remove Album Crackle
Reply by: Lanco
Date:12/14/2001 11:34:23 PM

noise reduction 2.0 plug-in by sonic foundry quite excellent. be sure to shop around for price on internet.

Subject:RE: Remove Album Crackle
Reply by: jgalt
Date:12/15/2001 4:48:41 AM

It is not possible to effectively reduce noise with Sound Forge 5 unless you have the $280 noise reduction plug in.
Unfortunately this fact is not readily apparent to many purchasers of SF when they are casually reading about the program.

You might want to check at for an inexpensive alternative.

Subject:RE: Remove Album Crackle
Reply by: beetlefan
Date:12/15/2001 10:31:01 PM

Yeah, but will it work on bit-depths higher than 16-bit?

Subject:RE: Remove Album Crackle
Reply by: smithbo
Date:12/22/2001 9:24:37 AM

Great sale on through 12/31/2001 at SoundForge 5.0 plus Noise reduction bundle for $199.

Subject:RE: Remove Album Crackle
Reply by: sk
Date:12/22/2001 5:09:00 PM

Hey, Beetle. Not only is the Acoustica not 24 bit, but while it's a nice little program for $15, it just can't compare to either SF OR CoolEdit 2000. Granted, the approximate cost of CE2K + the audio cleanup plug in costs about $120, but even there the whole program and plugin costs less than just the plugin for SF. It's kind of apples and oranges, but then so is trying to put Acoustica against either SF or CE. I downloaded and installed Acoustica 2.21 just to see what it was about. It doesn't even give an option of where to set up the temp file folder, there's little if any control over the view meters, or which indicators you want to show on the main viewing window, etc. It's just not even in the same league with the major audio editors, as far as I'm concerned. I haven't tried the decrackle yet, but a product that might fill a middle range might be Steinberg's "Clean 2.0!" or even Clean 3.0, although I can't find the actual 3.0 on Steinberg's site, only the upgrade from 3.0 to 3.01r, or something like that. But when I tried to find 3.0 itself, I could only find 2.0. But it 'only' costs $49.00, is downloadable, and has decrackle/declick, along with eq and some other dsp functions. It's technically a CD burning program, I imagine, but it does seem to have some pretty hi-powered perks as well. And if I'm not mistaken it does operate in full 24 bit when it's making the file transformations. I wouldn't swear to that part, though. It just says: "Enhanced High Quality effects with Audition mode for loss-free sound enhancement". It does process the changes in real time, which is a plus. And it might be worth noting that Wavelab Lite 2.0 is included in the $49.00 cost of Clean 2.0.


Subject:RE: Remove Album Crackle
Reply by: dolphduran
Date:12/25/2001 4:36:35 AM

Hello ,
No doubt that the best way to do this is manually with the pencil tool but offcourse this takes a lot of time.
I don't like the quality of most plugin's because they also compromize your program material !!
Zoom in to sample accuracy and redraw the ticks .


Subject:RE: Remove Album Crackle
Reply by: jgalt
Date:12/26/2001 4:10:59 PM

A sometimes workable fix is to copy similar, undamaged sound immediately adjacent to the damaged and use it to overwrite the damaged. This also takes time. For simple waveforms, redraw with the pencil tool may be quicker.

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