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Subject:SF 7 and recording through Presonus Firestudio
Posted by: MikeA
Date:5/4/2013 10:21:00 AM

I've got a Presonus Firestudio and I've had problems recording through it to Sound Forge the whole time I've had it. I can record through it to Vegas 10c but for some reason it won't record into Sound Forge. I'm not blaming SF, it could very well be the Firestudio. I do know that when I go into record in SF, a message box from SF appears and it says,

"The 'Microphone (Presonus FireStudio' recording device does not support one or more of the current format parameters (sample rate, number of channels, or bits per sample)."

I've checked the Presonus and it is set for 44.1KHz sample rate but I don't see anywhere to change the bit rate. It shouldn't matter though should it? SF ought to be OK with either, plus I've tried creating new jobs with different settings (Sample Rates, Bit Rates, Mono/Stereo, etc.) in SF, right? After I click through the message, the recording dialog opens but no audio is passed when I click on record. Oh, and I can hear the audio from the microphone through my speaker and my headphones too while monitoring through the FireStudio (understandable), but not the PC. And, like I said, I can go right into Vegas, arm a track, hit record and get the job done. I'd like to be able to do it in SF though and I feel that it should. I don't have this problem at all when I use my USB mic input. It's always worked fine...

Any ideas anyone?



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Subject:RE: SF 7 and recording through Presonus Firestudio
Reply by: J.
Date:5/6/2013 1:30:46 PM

When using Win classic drivers, Sound Forge attempts to open the device at exactly the channels, sample rate, and bit-depth of the target file. The sound mapper will intervene for some types of mismatch, but exactly what is or isn't allowed varies by device. I don't recall when ASIO support made its way into Forge, but that may be another option to try.

Regardless, it should just take seconds to try arming with a new file changing:
- mono-to-stereo or vice versa
- 8, 16, or 24-bit bit-depth (some newer cards don't support 8-bit)
- double-check that sample rate of the destination file matches

I'm guessing this device exposes mono mic input and a stereo line input separately or something like that.


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