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Subject:save as to mp3
Posted by: cosmic_artistry
Date:5/3/2013 10:53:08 PM

this probably not a SF pro mac issue but in SF pro mac when i try to save as mp3 on one of my non-OS drives, i get the following message:

'The operation could not be completed because the destination is locked or marked as read-only.'

i checked with a 'get info' and read/write is allowed to administrator, apple (me) and everyone. any clue how to fix this?

Subject:RE: save as to mp3
Reply by: jackn2mpu
Date:5/4/2013 7:49:49 AM

You're right it's not an SF Mac problem but with OSX. I don't use SF mac but what I do when I encounter this on my Snow Leopard 10.6.8 system is to save the file to my OS drive and then drag the file to where I want it on the external drive. Sometimes I end up having to reboot the system before doing the drag to the other drive.

What happens is that OSX thinks another program is trying to access the drive and refuses to do the save/copy/move. That's why I sometimes have to do a reboot. Doesn't happen on my Mountain Lion 10.8.2 system.


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