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Subject:Play Back Probs in Midi Soft Synth for Acid Pro7.
Posted by: Martin Henry
Date:3/27/2013 7:07:45 PM

Greetings Acid Community:

1. Am long time user of Acid products and upgraded to Pro7 two years ago.

2. Am fairly Midi literate but still need more experience recording with it.

3. Am successful with inserting soft synth / Midi tracks and monitoring them.

4. I use proprietor soft synth apps such as N.I.’s Komplete 8, etc.

5. My i/o and midi interface is Motu’s audio express and micro-lite for Midi.

6. My DAW PC is custom built by Rain Computers running Win7 Pro/64.

7. All system requirements are configured correctly with PC and Acid Pro7 Preferences.

8. BOTTOM LINE: Midi track data records. But, often does not play back every time.

9. What am I doing wrong?

In closing, I made sure that in Control Panel for Win7 that the audio express is set as default player. Everything else works fine. I have heard midi tracks play back. But most times they don’t. I also like to record more than one soft synth midi track in sync for sound blending purposes and that seems to be possible as well.

I look forward to you guys offering any insights as to what I’m doing wrong so that I can correct the issue and get back to becoming the next, Justin Bieber (well….not really / LOL’s)!


Respect & Appreciation,


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Subject:RE: Play Back Probs in Midi Soft Synth for Acid Pro7.
Reply by: Iacobus
Date:3/28/2013 3:06:34 PM

I have the occasional issue where MIDI does not playback either; using a Vista 64 machine myself. I haven't any idea what really causes it exactly.

I give it a kick in the pants by closing and then re-opening the project. It works then. xD

Subject:RE: Play Back Probs in Midi Soft Synth for Acid Pro7.
Reply by: Martin Henry
Date:3/28/2013 4:23:42 PM

Hey back lacobus:

That's a very interesting work around tip by you for sure!

I'll give it a shot a little later and report back to you accordingly.

Thanks for stopping by and showing interest in this particular midi issue of mine in AP.

Respect & Appreciation,


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