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Subject:continuous playhead adjustments
Posted by: cosmic_artistry
Date:3/20/2013 10:15:44 PM

is there are to make the playhead jump without stop/starting the audio? i recall i could do that in sound forge 6 (yeah, that is the last time i use SF!)

also, the playhead is a bit hard to find sometimes. i deal with dj mixes where the waveform can be quite dense due to the length of material. any suggestions to incorporate that would make it more visible?

Subject:RE: continuous playhead adjustments
Reply by: J.
Date:3/21/2013 9:44:24 AM

Uncheck "Options->Seek Playback to Cursor" (or just hit 'F').

I agree that it can be hard to see in highly compressed material. Hopefully something that will be addressed in future versions. The Windows version inverts the caret color whenever it is over wave data, which makes it always visible.


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