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Subject:Acid Chopper - just discovered it..!
Posted by: buckaroo
Date:2/25/2013 7:47:23 AM

I've been using Acid for years and love its simplicity

After going up to SONY Acid 6.0, I dropped back to a much simpler SoFo Acid Pro 3.0 and it does me fine, with a small footprint..

However I have just discovered the Chopper (as I always defaulted to Explorer on the bottom pane) - not just for chopping but almost for Area Selection.

Highlight a sample, shift+drag and then "Edit in Soundforge" opens it up with that exact piece higlighted for FX etc in SF!!

I just wondered if there was a SAVE function in the chopper at all? or maybe a trim/chop to use it as a small audio editor alongside SF? (just to trim up samples and resave?)

Subject:RE: Acid Chopper - just discovered it..!
Reply by: Iacobus
Date:2/25/2013 12:58:11 PM

I don't know about previous versions but I know the present version lets you "chop to new track" or "chop to new clip" (which basically creates a media file all its own).

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