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Subject:AC3 Pro in Sony Vegas 12 Edit?
Posted by: alk3997
Date:12/5/2012 1:45:16 PM

I've checked throughout the web to try to find a definitive answer to this quesiton and finally gave up. So, I thought I'd see is someone has first hand knowledge.

If I get the Vegas Pro 11 upgrade to Vegas Pro 12 Edit (not the full suite) what happens to my AC3 Pro version encoder? I've read that Dolby Digital Pro encoder is only available when the suite is purchased. I've also read that if you have the free DVD-Architect upgrade, the AC3 Pro encoder is included with that.

I guess my real question is when I go to render 5.1-channel files with Vegas Pro 12 (Edit), will I be able to do so with the AC3 Pro encoder?

Thanks for your help!


Subject:RE: AC3 Pro in Sony Vegas 12 Edit?
Reply by: videoITguy
Date:12/11/2012 6:13:24 PM

Theoretically if you keep the original install of the version of DVD ArchitectPro version alive on your PC that came with licensed version of VegasPro11 - you will get what you want.

BUT, here's the rub, depending on your hardware and whether you want to deploy features like video card GPU processing -your side by side installs of VegasPro11 and VegasPro12 (edit) will give you much pain. BEWARE - you have received official warning here.

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