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Subject:Single cycle region and Volume function problem
Posted by: Angels
Date:11/7/2012 10:25:19 PM

There's some weird stuff going on with Sound Forge 10 b503:

Sometimes in a wav file, there's a click or pop that only lasts a single cycle (roughly 3 zero-crossings) but is really louder than the rest of the track.. In the past I've simply selected the single cycle at high magnification and then used the Volume function set to reduce the volume (-1 dB and Ctrl-Y) till it's level to the neighboring levels.

But for some reason, when I do this in SF 10 b503, the volume always goes up instead of down, or sometimes some odd graphics appear in the displayed waveform and when I apply it, the function seems to play with the location of the points but doesn't reduce gain the way it's supposed to.

Can anyone confirm this behavior? Thanks!

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