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Subject:Acid Pro 7 under CrossOver for Mac?
Posted by: the_curtis_man
Date:11/3/2012 4:49:28 PM

Hello, Acid Pro 7 installs perfectly for me under my Windows XP partition, but I was wondering if anybody has had any luck with installing Acid Pro 7 under the program "CrossOver for Mac."

I understand that all programs require certain libraries in order to install and run, so does anybody have a clue as to which libraries are needed for Acid Pro 7 to run?

Anyway, I just bought this program 2 nights ago I and I love it!

Subject:RE: Acid Pro 7 under CrossOver for Mac?
Reply by: april.exe
Date:11/4/2012 12:56:29 AM

Ive had a little success with AP7.0e in Wine under Xubuntu 12. I got as far as being able to drag and drop audio files but opening any .acd project would crash.

As Wine develops Ill be trying this again. Acid is the only reason I continue to use windows.

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