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Subject:Sony owes us an explanation!
Posted by: rome
Date:10/26/2012 2:03:45 PM

Not only on the status of Acid but the purpose of keeping customers on the dark.

Subject:RE: Sony owes us an explanation!
Reply by: 519tbarr
Date:10/26/2012 9:25:13 PM

As we would all love an explaination regarding Acid Pro...
4 years on the same version along with 2 plus years without an update and now a product that is no longer current and no longer compatible with the latest version of windows 8...
I believe we have our answer.
I have had to move on... Reaper is close to Acid Pro.
But yet we still come back to these forums.

Subject:RE: Sony owes us an explanation!
Reply by: Weldon
Date:10/27/2012 9:47:32 AM

It is hard to understand.

I can't get my head around the idea that someone is sitting in an Sony office somewhere saying "When they stop buying 7 we will announce it's a dead product. Until then, screw them." but that is what you have to conclude at this point. I too, am ready to move and it kills me. I even called SCS and had a long chat with a nice lady who said they get calls "all the time" about Acid Pro and "feels my pain" but, no chance on any official word on the future of the product.

Ableton looks like the future for me...

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Subject:RE: Sony owes us an explanation!
Reply by: 519tbarr
Date:10/27/2012 12:04:55 PM

Glad to hear you called SCS and voiced your opinion.
I find it insane to think they can make a 64x version of Vegas which has the a lot of the same elements of Acid Pro but they can't come up with a minor update to a 64x Acid Pro.
If they have no intention of working with Acid beyond Pro 7... Why not sell it and allow other developers to take it where it should go. Time has run out... User base is beyond impatient at this point.
SCS is doing the same crap HP did with Palm. Except they are being more sucessful at being ambiguous.

Subject:RE: Sony owes us an explanation!
Reply by: Chienworks
Date:10/27/2012 4:17:54 PM

Ummm, no, they don't. They owe you the version you purchased, and you already got that.

You might *like* an explanation, but you most certainly are not *owed* one. Sorry.

Subject:RE: Sony owes us an explanation!
Reply by: 519tbarr
Date:10/27/2012 8:38:30 PM

you may be correct with your terming of nobody owes an explaination in regards to SCS...
but having worked in Customer Service for years...
A company that leaves ones purchasers in the dark about programs they have purchased will just as easily loose clientbase!
In the heat of the moment, the real reality is this...
Anyone who has purchased the software has an invested interest in the product.
We all would like to see it succeed. But when SCS says nothing - and now does not have a product to offer the current Windows platform - 8 - which Windows is the only OS it works on - then that product basically ceases to be.
I love Acid Pro - (not any other cheap version of Acid) and would love to see it come back and kick A$$
That's all. Just because of their silence - SCS - everybody out here with wondering minds must be thinking by now that Acid Pro is dead.
4 years is an eternity in the tech world.

Subject:RE: Sony owes us an explanation!
Reply by: Sound Squire
Date:10/28/2012 2:27:36 AM

I was hoping to see some sort of Acid announcement from AES 2012. :-(

Having recently gotten back into music I dug up my old copy of Acid 6. It works brilliantly with loops. The matched pitch/tempo features make quick work of podcast intros, music beds, stingers, etc. I decided to upgrade to pro and dang if it isn't the same version I looked at four years ago!

Now I am DAW shopping but reluctant to invest in pro 7. Reaper looks like a decent option. Mixcraft may even be closer to Acid in terms of loop based production.

First post here. Sony...what's up with Acid pro? Where's 8?

Subject:RE: Sony owes us an explanation!
Reply by: 519tbarr
Date:10/28/2012 1:00:35 PM

No one knows whats up with Acid Pro except SCS.
Seeing as Windows 8 is available id say SCS has until January/Namm to come out with a new version or we can pretty much consider the platform dead. My guess is they will continue making Acid Music Studio because it costs them nothing to refresh ap7 in a dumbed down version.
Being an owner of Reaper as well as AP7 - reaper is by far the closest layout to Acid Pro that i have used.
The folder tracks takes some getting used to, and i have had problems with the exporting of embeded video. Other than that, its basically like a 64x Acid Pro with a few minor updates.

Subject:RE: Sony owes us an explanation!
Reply by: levijudah
Date:10/28/2012 3:55:08 PM

IMHO ...
Similar silence of companies that are being sold or setting up for bankruptcy.

Subject:RE: Sony owes us an explanation!
Reply by: rome
Date:10/29/2012 7:37:46 PM

Thanks for the responses everyone. I was a bit frustrated when I cam to the site and saw a new version of Vegas, A new product entirely and Sound Forge for the Mac but nothing about Acid 8. This is an unfortunate situation.

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