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Subject:moving audio tracks
Posted by: danaroger
Date:6/3/2012 1:47:46 PM

How do I move audio tracks from AVCHD clips (with band music) to play during a series of still images in Sony Vegas Pro 11, as background music? Can't figure out how to separate them from the video tracks.

Subject:RE: moving audio tracks
Reply by: john_dennis
Date:6/21/2012 2:28:09 PM

Select the video and audio tracks on the timeline and enter the letter "u" to ungroup the tracks. Then, you can delete the video track if you wish and use stills or different video.

In order to maintain sync to the channels of the remaining audio tracks you might want to select all the related audio tracks and type "g" to group them before you begin moving audio on the timeline.

P.S. This forum doesn't seem to get much traffic and your question is really more a Vegas operational question than about the AC3 encoder. I just happened to be exceedingly bored with my current activity.

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