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Subject:ACID hangs on splash screen "Creating file I/O"
Posted by: b.complex
Date:5/26/2012 10:25:42 AM

ANyone else have this issue?

ACID was working fine as a 32 bit app in Vista 64, but I decided to go ahead and finish a couple of projects in ACID before moving over to PreSonus Studio One - so I start adding a few tracks of synth (one instance of Kontakt 4 with only two patches loaded!) and A guitar track (one instance of Guitar Rig) and it was all too much for ACID. Constant lock ups, even trouble streaming the drum track samples that once sounded fine. I know that my system is a bit cluttered, so I de-frag, delete some old programs, check my drivers, etc...ACID still not working right.
So, I uninstall ACID and do a re-install. It seemed to work a little better! A little snappier, but still getting bogged down and wouldn't close down properly.
So, I decide that I need to just export all of these projects and start working in Studio One - 64 bit app that will take full advantage of my 8GB of RAM, finally abandoning ACID for good.
But, on the advice of some - I decide to upgrade my OS to Windows 7 Home Premium 64 (From Vista Home Premium 64) - you can do this without re-installing everything on your machine! So, I do. Install upgrade goes PERFECTLY. Everything on my machine seems to work fine, including Sony Vegas Pro 10... EXCEPT FOR ACID PRO 7!!!

Now, the program won't even launch - It gets hung up on the splash screen and simply stays on the message "Creating file I/O manager"

I tried another uninstall and re-install...but no luck.
I tried booting in safe mode and launching. No luck.
I tried right clicking on the ACID icon and "run as administrator" - no luck.
I tried running the compatibility mode in WIn 7. NO LUCK.


I need to at least get a working copy of ACID up so I can export my MIDI and my tracks so I can move on to Studio One. Anyone have any advice? I think this is the final nail in the coffin for ACID for me. :-(

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Subject:RE: ACID hangs on splash screen "Creating file I/O"
Reply by: b.complex
Date:5/31/2012 12:12:47 PM

Got a reply from Sony. Their basic solution was to uninstall and re-install.

Ummm....been there, done that.

Anyone have anything that can help me?

Subject:RE: ACID hangs on splash screen "Creating file I/O"
Reply by: 519tbarr
Date:5/31/2012 2:41:33 PM

Did you try clearing your regedit?
A real full clean uninstall of Acid Pro? There are notes on this in the knowledge base...
Acid Pro is becoming more and more frustrating to work with in 64x Win 7 platforms.
I have some projects which I have been working on much longer than I care to admit and am thinking about rendering out the tracks and starting over in Studio One 2.
My last scenario was that I had authorized my product too many times and after wiping my system clean, windows vista to win 7 - i could not reinstall acid until customer service cleared my registrations on their end... Frustrating.
The best system for authorizations by far is Overloud products. Allowing you to remove an authorization from within the application if you need to reinstall your operating system!

I feel your pain!

Subject:RE: ACID hangs on splash screen "Creating file I/O"
Reply by: b.complex
Date:5/31/2012 2:47:14 PM

No- I really need them to tell me what exactly to remove from the Registry to make this work. I was really disappointed with their response. I just got Studio One up and running and I am really looking forward to moving on. I LOVE ACID, but they have really abandoned us here...:-(

Subject:RE: ACID hangs on splash screen "Creating file I/O"
Reply by: 519tbarr
Date:6/1/2012 9:03:46 AM

I understand how you feel. This scenario is so similar with what I went through with HP/Palm and webos phones. The shroud of secrecy and what looks like little to no development of the product.
It is sad, I love Acid too but the tech support side of Sony Creative Software has been useless and isn't able to clearly identify what the problems are that I have been having with Acid Pro 7. I guess life moves on, things come and go, products are made and then cease.

Subject:RE: ACID hangs on splash screen "Creating file I/O"
Reply by: b.complex
Date:6/1/2012 1:28:51 PM

Yeah, I'm just wondering how a 32-bit DAW that is already a VST host of questionable stability, that has no 64 bit version in the pipeline, and has problems in a WIndows 7 environment actually "has a future".

If anyone has any advice on how to fix this problem, please advise. Sony Support sent me a relatively prompt reply to my initial inquiry, but has been slow to respond to my two follow-ups telling them that their advice didn't work and that I still need help.


Subject:RE: ACID hangs on splash screen "Creating file I/O"
Reply by: FTech
Date:6/1/2012 3:39:42 PM

Hello b.complex,

There are couple of things to try. You stated that you upgraded from Vista 64-bit to Windows 7 64-bit. It's generally better if you clean installed the new operating system and started from scratch. That should be used as a last resort if you run of out solutions. Also what are your system specs?

Reset software to default settings - Try out this solution from the knowledge base. There could be a "rouge" setting that prevents Acid Pro from starting.

If that didn't work...

Rescan for DirectX plug-ins - Even though it points to a rescanning for DirectX plug-ins, it's worth a shot. This solution uses the Registry Editor which I'm assuming you are familiar with.

If this didn't work...

I was looking at the Acid Pro 7 release notes and I came across this entry under "Known Issues":

If you uninstall ACID 7, the C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\Sony\ACID Pro\7.0\acidpro.plugincache.xml (C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Sony\ACID Pro\7.0\acidpro.plugincache.xml in Windows Vista™) file is left behind to preserve the plug-in cache for future reinstallations. - Try deleting that file and cross your fingers!

If this... didn't work...

Application hangs on splash screen - This article has a whole list of steps.

If this... didn't work... well... then I hate to say this... you may have to do a clean install of Windows 7. Or you can wait forever patiently for an answer from Sony's Email Support.

Good luck!


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Subject:RE: ACID hangs on splash screen "Creating file I/O"
Reply by: b.complex
Date:6/1/2012 6:12:27 PM

Thanks FTech -

I've solved ONE issue. I found an article relating to different versions of VEGAS not working on Windows 7, and the solution was to copy the newer version of the vidcap plugin (aviplug.dll) from the newer version and replace that same file in the file structure of the old version. I tried that with ACID and BINGO! It passed the "file I/o" stage and is now hung up on the "initializing Direct X Plugins" screen. So FIRST of all, Sony if you are listening! Change the aviplug.dll in Sony ACID to match the latest version you have in VEGAS that works in 64 bit OS's. NOW - Which Direct X plugin is now causing the problem?....

PS - ACID PRO is the ONLY app I am having problems with. I'm not going to re-install the entire OS because ACID Pro doesn't work properly.


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Subject:RE: ACID hangs on splash screen "Creating file I/O"
Reply by: Geoff_Wood
Date:6/2/2012 3:17:00 AM

I would never rely on an OS upgrade install for anything. Inheriting anything 'not quite right' in the previous OS, and then complicating it with the changes in the new one.

That's not directly relating to problems such as you are having, but 'blanket'.


Subject:RE: ACID hangs on splash screen "Creating file I/O"
Reply by: b.complex
Date:6/2/2012 8:10:14 AM


As a rule - I agree. After doing battle with Windows for 20+ years, and only really feeling like it worked well after that last service pack for XP, I have been disappointed by the hassle of Vista and the problems with 64-bit compatibility ever since I changed. HOWEVER, After talking to several people I know in the IT world, I was assured that the Win 7 "upgrade" should (in their experience) work well because Vista and 7 are essentially the same.

Considering the sheer volume of material I have installed on my machine (KONTAKT libraries, video plugins for Vegas, other VSTi libraries, etc...) I didn't want to have to spend a week or more getting the machine up to speed after an OS change.

And, to be honest - EVERYTHING worked perfectly. It took about 3 hours and the ONLY application that no longer worked right was Sony Acid Pro. Vegas works FINE.

I know for a fact that my registry probably needs a clean-up, and that there are unused files and things on my machine. This goes to the basic flaws that I have been battling with windows forever - you are never really sure if the program you "uninstalled" is really uninstalled. If you have problems, The answer is always to re-install the entire OS. That is unacceptable.

In the meantime, I went back to my XP machine which has been collecting dust for three years. The machine would only stay on for 15 minutes at a time before shutting down. Because of this debacle with Acid pro not working properly with my Win 7 install, I started troubleshooting that box- I ended up replacing the power supply and now it works fine - so I installed ACID Pro on that box and now maybe I can export my songs - it's not ideal, as I would prefer to have it all working on my current machine, but...

Subject:RE: ACID hangs on splash screen "Creating file I/O"
Reply by: b.complex
Date:6/2/2012 10:15:02 PM

At this point, I am screwed. I uninstalled Vegas and Production Assistant, hoping that I would be "clearing the head" of my system. (These were both working fine by the way) Now they show errors on re-install and lock up at the splash screen. There are obviously DEEP errors in my registry or somewhere else, as well as in the Sony installers. At this point I have lost a week of productivity with my WIndows 7 upgrade and will probably lose another month getting everything up and running again with re-installs, updates, drivers, etc...all because ACID wasn't working (and everything else was). To be honest, this happens everytime I make a Windows upgrade (I lose a month or three trying to get everything working) I just keep thinking it will get easier... I am ready to just buy another computer to make sure I have clean installs of everything and deal with cleaning off and reformatting the other computers later. It shouldn't be this hard to just have a working system, but the apps we choose...oy. Studio One will be my main app on the next system I set up. ACID has failed miserably.

Subject:RE: ACID hangs on splash screen "Creating file I/O"
Reply by: b.complex
Date:6/3/2012 10:41:08 PM

Gave up and just wiped the system with a fresh re-install of Windows 7 (not upgrade this time, but a full installation) - Not surprisingly, ACID installed with errors (fxpack1.dll and fxpack2.dll failed to register) but the program launches and works. Spent all day doing updates, drivers, library re-installs and re-registering things. I had to uninstall ACID and re-install it AFTER the Microsoft C++ package was updated through windows update. NOW Acid is working properly (it seems) in Windows 7 x64. Studio One, 2.5 Pro Amplitube, and Guitar Rig are also up and running, as well as Vegas Pro 10. I still have KONTAKT and all of it's updates and my libraries (and their updates) to wrestle with as well as Sony Production Assistant, all of the VASST plugins and the Pixelan suite as well as EZ drummer (and Superior Drummer 2.0) and a couple of their libraries...and GeForce M-Tron Pro! and then, I think I will be, except for all of those updates!

But my registry is clean. GONE is the leftover PACE Piracy Protection crap and iLok dongle junk from VSTi's that never really worked to begin with (East West) GONE is CINESCORE. GONE are legacy folders from VEGAS 8.0 and 9.0 and ACID 6.0. GONE are all remnants of Garritan Aria and KOMPAKT from ACID Pro 7. GONE are incremental updates of various drivers and packages. Etc...

Now, can it all stay together?

Subject:RE: ACID hangs on splash screen "Creating file I/O"
Reply by: FTech
Date:6/5/2012 1:33:10 PM


It sucks doing a full reinstall... I had to do it just because I made a stupid registry tweak to make the Quicktime Player work in 64-bit OS. Quicktime gave me this error... "Error 46: Could not load or find the Quicktime ActiveX control". After the tweak, I was unable to load Windows! Taken me almost a day to reinstall everything: Windows Updates, software, plugins, etc. Tried to run Quicktime again... and still gave me the same error! Figured out on various forums, this is a common bug and still is with Quicktime under a 64-bit OS.

In your situation, it seems that Acid Pro is working quite well after the ordeal of reinstalling Windows. Can it all stay together? Sure it can, unless you have plans on upgrading to Windows 8 :p


Subject:RE: ACID hangs on splash screen "Creating file I/O"
Reply by: b.complex
Date:6/6/2012 12:07:59 AM

Ha! Windows 8? Give me 5 years or so...

So far, ACID is working better than it ever has, and PreSonus Studio One 2.5 is blazing as well. Vegas Pro is working, and Kontakt, Amplitube, and Guitar Rig are all working! Very responsive too, I might add. I still have KONTAKT libraries to install and all of my video plugs, but to be honest, it's almost feeling as responsive as my old XP system...yeah, you read that right.

With Acid up and running, it's making me miss it and wishing for a 64 bit version. I even have two or three instances of Amplitube and Guitar Rig running in the same project!

I'm never sure who to blame - I will say that East West and their whole piracy prevention crap really ruined my system. I will NEVER purchase anything from any company that uses PACE or iLok ever again!!!

Despite Native Instruments reputation (truth!) about slow support and service, in general I find their products to be stable, and pretty awesome! And Amplitube is my new best friend. I just sold my POD HD Pro and some effects on Ebay...

Subject:RE: ACID hangs on splash screen "Creating file I/O"
Reply by: Kappeesh
Date:6/6/2012 6:18:51 AM

agree with that. i use amplitube 2, amplitube 3 free, ampeg svt and amplitube fender regularly as well as sampletank, sonik synth and kontakt on ap7e. i can run about 4 instances of amplitube before my cpu starts to choke (xp/dell 8400).
so is guitar your main instrument? do you compose originals? just curious.

Subject:RE: ACID hangs on splash screen "Creating file I/O"
Reply by: b.complex
Date:6/6/2012 7:42:34 AM

Hey Kappeesh,

Actually I was a bass player by "trade" ;-) I played bass in bands from about 1986-2001. Mostly steadily working cover bands, but also a few original projects. I've always considered myself more of an arranger/sideman but have always imagined myself as a singer-songwriter.

The truth is that I've been carrying around at least an album and half of songs I've written over the past 20 years that have existed only on cassette tape demos, or as sequences in my now defunct Roland MV-30. I'm finally in a place in my life when I can spend some time actually finishing some halfway decent recordings of those songs.

I've bought and sold a TON of gear over the years, as the gear itself has always been something of a hobby for me - right now I have a bunch of inexpensive electric guitars (selling them off one by one!), a few effects pedals, two basses, a cheap nylon string, a mandolin, my Gibson acoustic and an Epiphone acoustic. I also have a couple of microphones and a PreSonus firebox interface. No amps!

I'm trying to move most of my investment in gear to being virtual - software, etc. I've also always been lucky enough to find amazing deals on software and things, as well as used instruments in the local market, so my actual investment in gear is comparatively low.

So, yes - I'm more of an acoustic based songwriter guy at this point.


What do you do?

Subject:RE: ACID hangs on splash screen "Creating file I/O"
Reply by: Kappeesh
Date:6/6/2012 9:29:59 AM

lead guitar was my focus as music from ac/dc, zep, hendrix, etc was a constant source of inspiration. but evh, rhoads, gillis, holdsworth, et al, put me on my current path. i also became fascinated with other instruments and play bass, mando, keys and sing. as a composer im able to perform/program whatever the song requires. i have also played guitar/bass in bands. ensoniq gear was a paradigm shift and acid has been so integral to that process that it's hard to describe (which is THE reason for my zeal here). and like others, when a tool becomes such, looking for the latest/greatest becomes counterproductive...unless the "update" offers another paradigm shift :)

my equipment journey is similar. i started with a tascam porta 01 (i still have it). but i bought/sold other gear and currenty have a very solid group to utilize. i also had a lot of cassettes full of ideas and now have what i consider "finished" songs that total 202 (!) and about half that waiting to be "processed"

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