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Subject:Vocal track wanders off-beat in MS8
Posted by: thisoldDJ
Date:2/28/2012 9:00:39 PM

Greetings Forum: My second post poses a new problem. I have a song using 5 tracks. Three using loops, 1 with one shots/ samples and the 5th with vocals. The vocal track is an entire song, with breaks in between parts to stretch it to match the song tempo. I split the song at least 50 times or more, cutting and pasting some parts and stretching the 3 minute vocal song to fit my 6 minute final song. All music and sample tracks are fine, but the vocal track starts to waver off tempo (starting earlier each 2 to 4 bars as the song progresses). I move my cursor to the various parts of the song, but the vocal sounds fine when I play that particular section. I notice the vocals go off track when I play the song in its entirety or if I play it from another point, it wanders as the song progresses. Any suggestions on how to solve this? Thanks for the advice. (the down beats and claps on the vocal track are all inline with the song tempo)

Subject:RE: Vocal track wanders off-beat in MS8
Reply by: thisoldDJ
Date:2/29/2012 12:30:58 PM

So, I tried moving each section that was noticeably off track to the right (since the vocal started earlier as the song continued). When I play the song from the beginning, it sounds fine. When I try the song from the point of correction, it doesn't sound right ( the vocal starts late), but it works fine when I play the entire song and burn it to CD. This works for me. If there's a better way, please post. Thanks.

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