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Subject:Cursor disappears & lets go in Sound Forge 10c
Posted by: Starman36
Date:8/27/2011 10:39:06 AM

After installing SF10c on a brand new Rain Solstice Studio audio workstation, I immediately noticed a lot of cursor instability during editing.

One, the scrolling cursor keeps dipping out of sight and re-appearing further down the timeline during playback, which makes it really difficult to edit because I can hear the audio, but have no idea where the cursor is..

Two, the scrolling cursor has lost its stickiness. When I click an out-point on the right and drag the cursor to the left to select an in-point, the cursor keeps letting go of the out-point on the right. I sometimes have to select the out-point three or four times before it will hold so I can trim or delete a section.

Has anyone experiences anything like this in Sound Forge, Acid or Vegas. These new problems are really slowing down my editing speed. I'm surprised to see such a thing with a brand new installation on a brand new computer. Ideas welcome!

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