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Subject:Hearing effects when playing
Posted by: FlashGordon
Date:8/14/2011 5:29:59 PM

Tonight for the first time I added the Audio Plug In "ACBox Combo" for a guitar track and I've got two simple questions. I am asked to register so I guess for the first time I need to register to use this effect. Right? I don't have to buy it right? It's right there with the other effects in ACID so I've already bought it right?
I'm okay with registering but what I'm wondering is, can I somehow hear effects when we are just jamming as well as the recorded track. What am I missing? Is there a way to have the effects there in the track when we're just jamming or is it only possible to hear the effects after recording the track?

Subject:RE: Hearing effects when playing
Reply by: Chienworks
Date:8/15/2011 10:10:22 AM

Not all effects come from Sony bundled with ACID. This one may have been installed by some other 3rd party software. Have you ever used it before?

It might also only be installed in demo or limited mode, and might require purchase for a license for full functionality.

Subject:RE: Hearing effects when playing
Reply by: Iacobus
Date:8/15/2011 12:08:27 PM

You will have to register with Native Instruments, the makers of that plug-in. (You might have to use their Service Center software to do so but it's relatively painless. Just don't go looking for their next-to-nonexistent support should you need it.)


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