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Subject:Whats the deal ?
Posted by: Marc1
Date:6/12/2011 10:33:06 AM

After doing a long project I click the save button(as I always do) when im ready to exit out of Acid Pro and then all of a sudden I get the old "acid pro not responding"message.And then to make matters worse i click back on my project I get the"An error message occurred while loading the project file (name of project)acd-bak.An error occurred reading the file make sure you have read access to the file/and that it is not corrupted".My project is lost and the only saved parts are of older versions.This is not a bug in the system this is a major flaw.Is there something that you people are not telling it's users ?And please no spin. Ill be able to still complete my project but allot of unnecessary time energy and interrupted creativity.

Subject:RE: Whats the deal ?
Reply by: Geoff_Wood
Date:6/12/2011 9:27:33 PM

Given that it seems to be only you (?) with this problem, maybe there is no 'deal' as such.

Some more info such as if this is a one-off or regular.

Sounds to me like you have a HDD problem.


Subject:RE: Whats the deal ?
Reply by: Marc1
Date:6/13/2011 11:49:11 PM

I have gotten the" Acid pro not responding"at least once every two weeks and when I do I go to task manager to exit out and when I get back in Acid I get the "Would you like to resume your last session"message and I am able to get back to my project.As I edit my project as I go along Ill hit the' save' button in case of crash,but 'one' time I did it and It crashed and then when I tried to open my project I got the message I listed earlier.But after a few days and many tries all of a sudden Acid ask me if" I wanted to resume my last session" message again and presto ,it gave my project back. This software has a mind of it's own sometimes,at least mine does.I'm going to work more offline to see if that decreases the instability.

Subject:RE: Whats the deal ?
Reply by: coolout
Date:6/17/2011 12:26:15 PM

I've used Acid Pro on at least 5 different computers from a lowly Celeron netbook to Core 2 Duos. I've never seen such an error.

Looking at your specs...I would also check:

1. your plugins since you're running 64-bit...some of them my not be compatible

2. try using a different audio driver.

3. try changing your graphics/display settings.

Subject:RE: Whats the deal ?
Reply by: Marc1
Date:6/17/2011 12:41:01 PM

Thanks .How can you find out if it's your graphics that are doing it ?And what settings do you recommend ?And the Audio driver I'm using now is a Lexicon I-onix U42s It seems to be running stable.But you could be right on the money about the Plug ins ?How do ya know which plug in works in 64 bit ?And do they have updates for plug ins ?Thanks again Marc.

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