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Subject:USB / MIDI
Posted by: FlashGordon
Date:6/8/2011 4:41:10 PM

I have in the past connected MIDI through my FireBox with standard MIDI cables and for the most part no problem. A buddy of mine just purchased a new keyboard (Kawai EP3) and it's supposed to have MIDI in the USB out but I connect the keyboard to my computer with the USB but I can't find any enabled device under the Preferences / MIDI tab. At first I had a pop-up that showed the new USB hardware (or some such message) but now I can't find any sign of it in my system sounds and audio devices. Any idea if I can directly connect such a keyboard or do I need to go through my Firebox?

Subject:RE: USB / MIDI
Reply by: pwppch
Date:6/8/2011 10:53:58 PM

According to the users guide, you may need to install a special driver. The information is on page 58 of the Kawai EP3 uses guide.


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