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Subject:Region Selecting Buggy and...
Posted by: scott2eh
Date:5/28/2011 8:38:11 AM

A few things actually...

1. This website is VERY slow! 15-30 seconds for each new page to appear. Something doesn't seem right here!

2. No new updates to sound forge since last november? With all the complaints I'm seeing in this forum? Hmmm... does Sony care at all?

3. I do a lot of dragging regions around when music editing. In SF 8 it works perfectly and I'm able to edit music very quickly. Now I have 10 and I find it is VERY unreliable.

I have a file open now and if I double-click it selects the entire file. But then when I try to click and drag, the selection disappears and it starts selecting again. Sometimes it works properly and starts dragging the selection and other times it just starts a new selection. I can't find anything that causes one or the other to happen.

I've tried click-and-hold for a couple of seconds before I start to drag but that gives me the same unpredictable results.

Am I doing something wrong? This works perfectly, every single time in SF8, but I found it very unreliable in SF9 and again in 10. My clients are getting very annoyed that I'm wasting time "fooling around"!

4. When I drag a selection out and create a new sound file sometimes the markers come with it, sometimes they don't. Is there something I have to do to always have it take the markers?

EDIT: Also, when the markers do come with the region they end up in strange places in the new file! eg. I have a region with markers 1 and 2 at each end, I drag that region to create a new file, then drag a second copy of it and add it after the first. Now I have 3 markers in the new file. 1 is at the head, 2 is at the edit point (end of the original region, so now it is where the two regions meet, which is GOOD! I need to know where that edit point is!) and 3 is about two thirds of the way toward the end of the second region. Strange, random place for it to be! It should be at the END of that region!

5. When I drag a selection out to a new file, it creates the new window with only about a half an inch of blank space after the waveform ends. That makes it difficult to drag the next region and have it start at the end of the first one. I often wonder if I am releasing it over-top of the previous clip. It'd be nice to have a little more space there (2-3 times as much) to make that easier.

That's it, so far. I haven't used 10 much yet but it's disappointing that the basics don't seem to work very well, and didn't get fixed after v9. But I will say that I love about 90% of the program and I think these new mastering tools will work very well!


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