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Subject:VST Hang Up
Posted by: Furthercom
Date:11/2/2010 7:47:29 PM

Using Acid pro 7.oe. I have always used the plugins that came with Acid. (I believe they are direct X) I could use tons of them on all tracks with no problem.
Now I have installed VST plug ins and my timeline hangs up when any VST pluging are running. I plays for a half a second, then stops, then plays for a half second then stops, over and over again. Any ideas on how to fix this.
Win7 32bit pro, Dual Core, 4 megs ram (although Win7 doesn't use all of it).

Subject:RE: VST Hang Up
Reply by: pwppch
Date:11/2/2010 9:14:30 PM

What VST plugins are you having problems with? Are they on tracks or busses?


Subject:RE: VST Hang Up
Reply by: Furthercom
Date:11/3/2010 5:53:04 AM

IK Multimedia: TrackS3, CSR Room, ARC
Waves: JJP-All

UAD: with Solo-2 Laptop: UAD 1176LN, UAD LA2A, UAD Pultec, UAD RealVerb-Pro (The problem existed before I unstalled any UA hardware or software)

Also, Acid stutteres more if I'm soloing a track then if I'm playing all tracks in a song. Weird, but it may be a clue.

Subject:RE: VST Hang Up
Reply by: Furthercom
Date:11/3/2010 5:58:53 AM

Laptop running
Win7 32 bit Pro
Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.50GHz
4 Gig (3 usable)
no controller or midi
Focusrite Pro 40 (but problem exists even if I just use the laptop's sound card)

Subject:RE: VST Hang Up
Reply by: Furthercom
Date:11/4/2010 5:26:19 PM

I re-installed my VST plugins as administrator and then set Acid to run as Administrator and that helped a lot but it didn't fix my problem. I can run all the Sony plugins (direct X) that I want and everything runs perfectly. When I try to run VSTs everything degrades. Skipping, stopping/starting, Soloing cuts off after a few seconds. Can anyone tell me why the VSTs are such trouble? Is there something simple I've overlooked? DO I need to turn off Direct X?

Subject:RE: VST Hang Up
Reply by: ZombieSlugs
Date:11/5/2010 9:14:59 AM

That's really odd, I'm running AP7 on a Toshiba Satellite with a dual-core Turion and can run several VSTi without too many problems on my built-in crappy Realtek audio chip.. hmm.

Can you fire up Task Manager and see what your CPU amd memory use is when things get glitchy? Also, I assume you're running ASIO - what buffer size do you have set?

I've noticed AP7 is really sensitive to audio buffer size for some synths (I even have a VSTi that won't run properly in AP7 that works fine in Orion and Reaper).. can you tell me what you have running when things go all pear-shaped?

I'm not a tech support dude but maybe I can at least give you some advice!

Subject:RE: VST Hang Up
Reply by: cowboyco
Date:2/3/2011 2:56:33 AM

I'm having the same problem. I just purchased a new UAD2 quad and out of 14 different plugs I can only use 1. Using any of the others my time line won't even start. One would think that with the UAD quad and its 4 shark dsps that it wouldnt be a problem. I have other plugs, Sony, Waves, TC electronics power core and I dont have any problems with them. Any body have any suggestions......Thank you

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