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Subject:ACID 7 Clicks/Pops w/ SF Mastering Suite
Posted by: WillyBob
Date:12/26/2010 3:22:34 PM


My issue is that I can run my session pretty well, but once I add any of the mastering effects bundle that comes with SF (by Izotope) I inevitably get cracking in the audio. It doesn't happen immediately, it normally takes a few minutes and solves itself if I leave the computer for about 15 minutes. I've tried all manner of changes to ACID's sound settings but always wind up with the same problem. This is very frustrating for editing audio. This ever happen to anyone?

Any help would be much appreciated

I have the most recent versions of both ACID 7 and Sound Forge 10. System specs...

Windows Version:Vista 32-bit
Processor:Intel Core Duo, 2.20 gHz
Sound Card:Roland Soniccell, Soundmapper, or M-Audio MobilePre
I've also done virtually all the PC optimization procedures (disabling unnecessary services, turning internet/antivirus off, etc). In addition I did the 3gb switch so ACID can use more RAM (despite the fact that it normally tops off at about 50)

Subject:RE: ACID 7 Clicks/Pops w/ SF Mastering Suite
Reply by: FTech
Date:1/2/2011 5:05:37 PM

Good day Willy,

I have both Acid Pro 7.0e and Sound Forge Pro 10.0c. I loaded a 17 track remix project in Acid. Loaded the Master Bus with the Izotope Mastering EQ, Exciter, Imager, Limiter, and Reverb effects. Played the project and hate to say this, I experienced no clicks at all. I even added a drum track via Submersible Kitcore and have my anti-virus software running (ESET Nod32 v4.2) and no clicks in playback.

I'm not sure how many tracks you have and the type (MIDI, loops, Kitcore, etc) loaded at one time while the clicks occur. Maybe try removing a few tracks and see if you are not "overloading" the system. One time on my old system, a Windows XP 32-bit OS, on playback the sound stuttered. This didn't happen before until I updated the sound card driver for my Audigy 2 card via Creative. That's one option to try, reverting back to an older sound driver IF you have updated recently. Try updating the video card driver as well. If you have, you may want to revert to a previous version.

Hope all this would help. Happy New Year

(System specs in profile)

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