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Subject:Plug-ins adjustments slow to alter sound
Posted by: NicTVG
Date:10/21/2010 11:14:54 PM

I just got moved to win7 64 and so have upgraded to SF 10. The last problem I need to resolve is plug-in responsiveness. Changing any parameters starts to take a full 2 seconds to alter sound. This is with the SF stock plug-ins as well. Obviously doing something like an EQ sweep is impossible. This is my third day unable to do my work so I really need a fix immediately.
Playback buffer is set down to 0.08 seconds, real-time check box is set and now I'm stuck. I have tried multiple sound cards and highly doubt it is hardware.


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Subject:RE: Plug-ins adjustments slow to alter sound
Reply by: NicTVG
Date:10/21/2010 11:25:50 PM

Also some what related (and I know this worked in SF 9):
None of the mix window, process->volume, and process->pan/expand no long are working in real-time for me. This is a real frustration when trying to make +/-0.5db level adjustments.

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