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Subject:CD audio extraction with SF 5.01
Posted by: skagoogee
Date:7/15/2001 10:18:13 PM

I am trying to extract audio from my CDROM using SF. The CDROM will run for a few seconds and SF only extracts 2 or 3 seconds. I have went through all of the settings and searched the help files but have had no luck. Has anyone experienced this or have any suggestions on how to remedy this?
Thanks for the help!

Subject:RE: CD audio extraction with SF 5.01
Reply by: dansolo
Date:7/17/2001 1:18:55 AM

i have the same problem. mine will vary as to how much it will extract but it's never the whole thing.
i posted this problem a couple of months ago and no one ever responded so i'll respond so you won't feel left out.
my work around is to use adaptec to extract what i need. it works quite well.

Subject:RE: CD audio extraction with SF 5.01
Reply by: mike67
Date:7/18/2001 10:35:09 AM

I had the same problem, called tech support and was told that the Adaptec Driver that came with Sound
forge 5 needed an update. I was given the direction to the site, downloaded the new driver and the problem solved. Unfortunately I have forgotten the name of the DLL file. Call tech support.

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