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Subject:Support system failing
Posted by: Trev Wilkins
Date:8/13/2010 2:53:48 AM

After waiting for a new update to SF 10 and not seeing any sign of one I decided to fill in the tech support form regarding the 'file recovery' screen that pops up regularly when opening SF. I filled in the form then once submitted I got a screen telling me that due to the high adoption of the new 'studio' line of products there was what seemed to be a holding pattern in place for support requests.
This reads as if the new users of less expensive products are receiving support in preference to long-term high-cost product users (or maybe that's just the synic in me).

As a professional user who has paid premium prices for products I feel somewhat unhappy that the tech support system doesn't have any specific team to answer our questions and fix the bugs.

In addition to this, once I clicked the button to submit after reading the message, I was told that the system had 'timed out' and I could not resubmit the form without filling it in again from scratch.

I'm a Director of a company that uses a wide range of Sony products totalling many thousands of pounds and I think I know what my customers would do if they were treated this way, they'd use someone else!

So please Sony, fix the software including the tech support system.

Subject:RE: Support system failing
Reply by: Jace
Date:10/16/2010 10:00:48 AM

i think that really sucks. did you get anywhere since you posted this?

it seems to me, from my limited viewpoint, that Sound Forge is being left to its own devices... to slowly become irrelevant. it's apparently not a growth product and since it's the best audio editor tool on the Windows platform (or all platforms, but they don't need to compete on Macs because they don't exist there)... they're "resting on their laurels." Sony seems to have far more interest in their video apps (and why not? they're still pushing blu-ray really hard and it's in their best interests to make blu-ray as successful as possible).

then there's another sad fact: Sony are a huge huge conglomerate. we individual users/customers are tiny tiny ants. at least, that's the impression i get. i have had a couple of successful support interactions... if you consider them admitting to a bug in CD Architect that wont get fixed as a success. i submitted a report about a bug in SF9... i had no response from them at all. SF10 is barely even a new product (it's not substantially different from SF9), but apparently this company is not one to care about the little things... as i use a Mac more and more, i am learning to live without Sound Forge (i hate it, but i have no option aside from moving files back and forth). some day there will be an audio editor on the Mac that i will like enough to never upgrade Sound Forge again. it's not the Mac that's doing it, either. it's Sony that's letting me down.

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