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Subject:SIMPLE Audio Interface issue... PLEASE HELP
Posted by: magicmermaid
Date:8/7/2010 11:34:47 AM


I am using 32bit ACID PRO 7 on Windows 7. I have a PRESONUS STUDIO MOBILE INTERFACE with Phantom Power. Ihave been using ACID on and off for years. So I generally know my way around.

However, I am trying to record a vocal track with my new interface. I have the presonus selected in my AUDIO record and playback device and when I press record I see the green bar moving up and down as I sing but for some reason it not recording the audio. I am sure it 's prob something simple.
Can anyone help??? Thanks!

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Subject:RE: SIMPLE Audio Interface issue... PLEASE HELP
Reply by: magicmermaid
Date:8/7/2010 12:24:54 PM

Hi guys!

Never mind...I figured it out!
Thanks anway!

By the way the Presonus Firestudio Mobile rocks! Superclean...A+++ quality audio interface!

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