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Subject:Sound Forge Pro 10 - Crash Recovery
Posted by: steeleimaging
Date:7/12/2010 12:16:29 PM

I run into a continuous irritating problem. It is not an issue which prevents Sound Forge from running.

So, I record a voice over session, save the file successfully and close Sound Forge.

When I open Sound Forge the next time for another session, I always get a dialog box which pops up to say:

Files that can be recovered:
unrecognized temp files

I have set in options to hide and delete temp files.
Sound Forge did NOT crash. I closed it.

The software works fine, I have used sound forge for years. I have never had this constant reoccurring issue.

Does anyone encounter this?
Is there a fix?
Is this a known issue. I cannot find any article on it.


Subject:RE: Sound Forge Pro 10 - Crash Recovery
Reply by: albert_kes
Date:7/13/2010 5:22:11 AM

10th version has problems with memory, is visible because of it often suffers crash. In following release promised to correct

Subject:RE: Sound Forge Pro 10 - Crash Recovery
Reply by: roblesinge
Date:7/13/2010 5:57:06 AM

Yeah, SF 10 doesn't get rid of temp files like it should. You can remedy this by going to your temp folder and deleting the contents on a regular basis. You can move your temp folder to somewhere easy to find by going to Options-->Preferences-->General and changing the location at the bottom of the window. I go in once or twice per day and clean that temp folder out. Even after half a day of editing, it will have 3,000+ files in it. I've deleted over 1.5Gb of data from that temp folder before, so be sure to check it regularly. I'd imagine it could quickly start to bog down a system.

Hopefully Sony is working on the problem for the next release of SF 10.

Subject:RE: Sound Forge Pro 10 - Crash Recovery
Reply by: steeleimaging
Date:7/13/2010 10:20:15 AM

Thank you (both) -

I am glad to find out that I am not the only person with the issue. Although for pro audio use, it is rather annoying.

Hopefully, the next revision will correct.

Thank you both for the replies.


Subject:RE: Sound Forge Pro 10 - Crash Recovery
Reply by: brothership
Date:7/13/2010 12:53:28 PM

Good luck in getting a fix for this. I posted this error six months ago with nary a response from Sony. It's an annoying bug, to say the least.

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