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Subject:Can I use the Marshall MXL USB.009 mic with ACID?
Posted by: magicmermaid
Date:5/27/2010 7:00:09 PM

Hello All,

I want to purchase the Marshall MXL USB.009 mic to use with Sony Acid 7.0 but someone said they had problems using it with Acid.
Can anyone give some advice on this?

Much Appreciated!

Subject:RE: Can I use the Marshall MXL USB.009 mic with ACID?
Reply by: MarkWWWW
Date:5/28/2010 5:26:17 AM

The problem with USB mics is that they normally provide only an input and not also an output device. Acid is expecting to use a "normal" soundcard, i.e. one that provides (one or more) inputs and outputs. You might like to have a look at this thread where there is some discussion of this issue, in particular the comments of Peter Haller (SonyPCH) who is the main developer for Acid.


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