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Subject:LinPlug's SaxLab ....
Posted by: ClipMan
Date:5/15/2010 1:36:21 PM


Is anybody here using it in AP7 on Windows 7 64 bit? I'm running out of live sax loops. Looks like midi is the next step. TIA for any input.


Subject:RE: LinPlug's SaxLab ....
Reply by: kawaii
Date:5/18/2010 6:51:06 PM


time + space usually make very good quality sample sets (

this is highly rated by users, and is a free vsti virtual saxophone

you may have problems with vsti and 64bit as only the major software houses seem to be keeping pace with the jump from 32bit at the moment

linplug's saxlab has a very nice preset (hybrid sax) but apart from that, i didn't really click with it... this, of course, is only my humble opinion

vienna symphonic library makes beautifully realistic instruments and are probably the worlds leader in this field

yamaha have created a midi wind controlled, if you want to play a virtual wind instrument

good luck with your search

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