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Subject:Online email support warning
Posted by: Geoff_Wood
Date:5/11/2010 2:35:10 PM

Was just getting grumpy with Custy Service when I realised that my 'extra activations' requests were not actually being received by Sony.

On the email support online form, you click to submit your request, and then get thrown up an addtional info page suggesting some common FAQ remedies to common problem. At the bottom f this page is an addition button that must be clicked to finally submit the report. It is at the bottom of the page, maybe even off-screen, and is easily missed.

This had me gizzumped for 4 days !


Subject:RE: Online email support warning
Reply by: runman
Date:5/17/2010 5:24:55 PM

Damn...I'll bet that's what happened to me when I gave up on them some time ago. Thx GW

Subject:RE: Online email support warning
Reply by: kitekrazee
Date:5/17/2010 7:10:54 PM

Use their live chat on the site. I had that problem twice. Live chat takes care of it immediately.

Subject:RE: Online email support warning
Reply by: TeeCee
Date:5/18/2010 3:49:13 PM

I've been back and forth with Eric D. with a preset issue for a week now. In a week, I don't think he'ss grasped my problem yet.

Extremely aggravated,

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