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Subject:Celemony Melodyne Editor
Posted by: jdscogin
Date:3/21/2010 1:26:53 PM

I just purchased Melodyne Editor. It works great as stand alone but it sure would be nice if it worked in Acid as a plugin. I am not sure what is keeping that from happening but please concide it. Thanks Jd

Subject:RE: Celemony Melodyne Editor
Reply by: feign
Date:3/21/2010 6:26:11 PM

People have been asking for this for years. Unfortunately it boils down to each company blaming the other for the incompatibility. A couple years ago there was even a remark on Celemony's own site, a quote from their chief engineer, which was simply gloating, chuckling, at the fact that Melodyne doesn't work in Acid Pro, with the implication that of course their plugin only works with "serious" DAWs. He said bluntly that they refuse to waste time testing the plugin in Acid.

Sony is just as petulant. The few remarks here have basically said: "They won't send us a free copy, so we're not going to spend the money to buy one in order to sort out the bugs." (Don't ask about downloading the 30-day trial)

Tongues sticking out on both sides. Meanwhile, two made-for-each-other apps languish in incompatibility.

I think the ball is in Sony's court. It's their customers (including me) who are dissatisfied. Though obviously Celemony's sales would spike a bit if all Acid users knew they could use the plugin.

(Yes, there are some workarounds, which Johnny Roy has very patiently explained in the past, but for that you need the full -- more expensive -- standalone Melodyne and do round-trip editing, so it's still not quite the same as having a genuine plugin. And when I try it, I still get program freezes around 1 out of 3 times)

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