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Subject:zoom r16 as a DAW controller.. MACKIE
Posted by: pjrey
Date:3/18/2010 6:10:28 PM

anybody have any expertise on gen mackie control? i have the zoom r16.. works amazing! ive just been playing aroudn with it as a DAW control surface, and got it to work somewhat...
i cant get any of the 1-8 faders to control the faders on acid... MASTER fader is working fine, play, stop, record etc are too...
but i cant, for the life of me get any of the faders to work...
what am i doing wrong... (lots im sure)

im using acid 7e
with the latest drivers from the samson r16

Subject:RE: zoom r16 as a DAW controller.. MACKIE
Reply by: pjrey
Date:3/18/2010 6:29:30 PM

weird.. i just got it going, within minutes of posting this.. and i had been messing with it for HOURS.... i dont know what i did really, i hit SCAN, did a clear all...

very strange

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