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Subject:Default files to one-shot on opening?
Posted by: buckaroo
Date:1/15/2010 2:26:33 PM

I dont use loops as much, and would like Acid 6.0 to default to each file to open as

Can this be done?

Everytime I drag in an audio file, it defaults to loop and i have to go into properties and change it back over to one-shot?

Subject:RE: Default files to one-shot on opening?
Reply by: Iacobus
Date:1/20/2010 10:53:32 AM

Depends. If the sample in question is already ACIDized, it will open as whatever ACID reads in its metadata.

If the sample was never ACIDized, ACID will open the sample as a Loop as determined under Options > Preferences > Audio > Open files as loops if between. (Note that this is in ACID Pro 7; it might be a little different in previous versions.)

Anything shorter than the leftmost number gets opened as a One-shot; anything longer than the rightmost number gets opened as a Beatmapped track.


Subject:RE: Default files to one-shot on opening?
Reply by: Adji
Date:1/20/2010 12:20:23 PM

Thanks for this mD, I have been wondering the answer to this myself, it annoys me when I open as beatmapped and the tempo goes all weird. Thanks mate.

Subject:RE: Default files to one-shot on opening?
Reply by: bacHelorHerd
Date:2/17/2010 9:04:52 PM

You could select the file in the Explorer, but instead of dragging with the left mouse button, you drag with the /right/ mouse button. Then a context menu should appear. Select "Include as One-Shot".

You would have to do this for each audio file you want to add to your project, though. Also, this process doesn't draw in the clip for you. After including the file, you have to position the cursor with the mouse and then press [Y] or [CTRL][left-mouse-click] to draw the entire one-shot event on the track. :)

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