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Subject:In need of some honest ears...
Posted by: Myerz
Date:1/31/2010 6:59:31 PM

Good day Everybody!

I was looking for some honest ears here...

I was hoping the community good give their opinions of a few songs that I have written.
I have put them to video that I thought might entertain the eyes while you listen. Music
is surely my passion but my pursuit of video editing is on the rise.

If any of you would be so kind to give me opinions, suggests or thoughts I
would greatly appreciate it.

thank you and God bless,

Garry Myers

Alwayz -

Going Up -

Diamonds for Stones -

Subject:RE: In need of some honest ears...
Reply by: runman
Date:1/31/2010 9:04:13 PM

I took the time to listen to the first two, but I'm not a guitar affectionado, so not my gig to say.
One thing though, I found the drums a touch pedestrian, could benefit with a little more complexity. Good work.

Subject:RE: In need of some honest ears...
Reply by: sogrady
Date:2/5/2010 5:54:25 AM

Killer guitar sound, but runman is right about the drums. The problem is you got the guitar sound at the expense of the drums. Build your mix up from the drums, guitar sits with the high hat and the big transient of the snare should be bigger. Here's the trick - drums eat guitars. That highly compressed guitar sound might not work next to a powerful drum sound. Love the rooster.

Subject:RE: In need of some honest ears...
Reply by: Adji
Date:2/5/2010 6:45:57 AM

I checked out Diamonds For Stones man, good stuff! I like it musically, reminded me a little of Satch, I quite liked the guitar tone but think it could do with a slight boost in volume, maybe just less than a decibel, or maybe a slight mid boost to help lift the guitar to the top of the mix a little?
As others have said the drums could do with some greater variation.

Subject:RE: In need of some honest ears...
Reply by: _Gabriel_
Date:2/5/2010 9:51:19 PM

Only had time for the 1st song but I love the tone of the guitar. Playing is top notch as well, lot's of emotion and just enough space to breath! As the the others have said the drums need a lot more work. In my mixes everything is built around the drums, specifically the snare. Has a nice groove but needs more fills, builds etc. The repetition really takes away from what could be a beautiful production. There is an old saying amongst us old timers, "the band is only as good as its drummer (or rhythm section)".

Remember, every instrument is just as important as the next. Some tasteful imaginative mixing and you've got yourself a winner :)

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