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Subject:SF10a freezing up with large files
Posted by: wheat667
Date:12/16/2009 4:29:43 PM

I'm having a problem where Paste-Mix and File Save result in a permanent "hourglass" state or a "Not Responding" state. These are large files (65+ minutes).

I tried the Knowledge Base and those suggestions didn't work. I also emailed Sony tech support and got no response.

If I break the file in 2 pieces, there are no such problems. Thanks for any help.

Subject:RE: SF10a freezing up with large files
Reply by: Steven Myers
Date:12/16/2009 5:36:04 PM

Format, bit rate, bit depth don't matter... only the length of time it takes to play a file is relevant to this problem. That's pretty weird.

Subject:RE: SF10a freezing up with large files
Reply by: Velcro Face
Date:12/17/2009 9:22:57 PM

This also occurs on my system. It's a big issue because I routinely process hour-long consultations with Sound Forge. Because of this, I have had to abandon using the batch converter, and now go through each of five steps individually, picking them from the menu. This doesn't occur with Sound Forge 9e on the same system. I also have opened a ticket with Sony, but they seem disinterested in investigating the issue. (No word from them in more than a week.) I am extremely disappointed with the degradation of Sony support over the past year.

Subject:RE: SF10a freezing up with large files
Reply by: ForumAdmin
Date:12/18/2009 7:42:19 AM

We are investigating an issue with large files in Windows 7 and, to a lesser extent, Vista. It is particularly noticeable on the x64 flavors.

If you are experiencing these problems, please take a look at the Performance tab in Windows Task Manager. My guess is that Physical Memory usage will be stuck on a very high percentage.

If that is the case, the issue will be resolved in the next update.


Subject:RE: SF10a freezing up with large files
Reply by: Piano Peddler
Date:1/22/2010 3:59:41 PM

I just upgraded my processor from an Intel dual core (E8400) to a quad core (Q9450). Doing simultaneous normalization in SF on two or four files now occassionally freezes up Sound Forge with the hour glass and the normalization stops mid-way (this did not happen with the Intel dual core). I'm running XP 32-bit.

I upped the voltage on my processor by about 10% and the problem has not happend since, although I haven't tested extensively. Obviously, I'd rather run at the spec'd voltage.


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