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Subject:Project Files Made in XP Pro to Win 7 - no open
Posted by: krispy
Date:1/19/2010 4:15:37 PM


I recently installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit... with the same exact array of vst plugs & libraries connectivity.

a) upon opening a project file made XP Pro 32 bit. Some either freeze or they don't load the audio & vst as they were created.

b) Also Project Files from Acid 6 into Acid 7 also have the same problem most often

c) Stylus RMX will fail to load properly in either scenario. It opens up properly with a fresh 'insert', but this doesn't help when a Project File has been created and a number of independent Stylus channel/busses are set up to show on the mixing console. If it were only a single stereo buss being used, then a resolve of reinserting Stylus if easy. Other wise, one loses all info written into the additional busses added coming out of Stylus.

i'm using a:

Asus P5QPro motherboard
QuadCore Q9650
8gb G-Skill Ram

Any wisdom into resolving any of this nightmare would be MUCH appreciated.


Subject:RE: Project Files Made in XP Pro to Win 7 - n
Reply by: Adji
Date:1/20/2010 5:04:54 AM

Sorry I cannot be very helpful I am just curious why you switched to windows 7 over XP? XP is one of the most stable and reliable windows (in my experience anyway).

Also, I could be wrong but I am not sure that AP7 is yet fully compatible with windows 7?

Subject:RE: Project Files Made in XP Pro to Win 7 - n
Reply by: Iacobus
Date:1/20/2010 10:38:58 AM

I believe the latest update to ACID Pro 7 introduced support for Windows 7. However, I'm not sure about anything else (like certain soft synths and the like).


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