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Subject:can't record midi track
Posted by: mvpvideos2007
Date:1/18/2010 4:27:16 PM

Was wondering what is wrong. I can play the keyboard through the midi, hear the sound, but the meters are no showing an sound, nor will it record sound.

Subject:RE: can't record midi track
Reply by: Adji
Date:1/19/2010 5:07:18 AM

Sorry if your already a knowledgable user and this seems like a bug, but if you are a beginner then perhaps this will help...

Do you know how MIDI works? The MIDI track itself will not play a sound, it is a 'lot of colourful boxes' that tells an instrument to play a sound. Think of it like one of those old pianos where you could punch holes into a bit of paper, and each bit of paper corresponded to a key? So the piano could play itself? This is the same sort of thing.

What you do is assign an instrument to your MIDI track.

If you have done this and having trouble recording do you have a cable leading from your keyboard MIDI out to your computers MIDI in? And make sure the port is connected in preferences?

Sorry if you already know this, just trying to cover all grounds.

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