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Subject:Playback problem in Sound Forge
Posted by: mralchuck
Date:1/14/2010 10:23:07 AM

Hi all. I did a quick search of the forums and the Knowledgebase and failed to find anything that seemed relevant, so her goes...

Rather often - maybe half the time, or more - when I open a file in Sound Forge 10, and hit Play, nothing happens. The cursor might twitch for an instant but no other discernible response occurs. If I wait for a bit, it usually will start playing. It might be as long as a minute or more. So while it doesn't prevent me from doing anything, it sure is annoying.

I suspect it might be the audio drivers because it used to happen to me in earlier versions of Sound Forge too, and sometimes (though more rarely) it happens in SONAR too. It also seems to have dated from the day I switched from using WDM drivers to using ASIO drivers.

My hardware is a M Audio Delta 66, and the driver version is

Has anyone else had such issues? Might a later driver version fix it? (I hesitate to update the drivers because it has historically been a real pain in the butt with the Delta card.) Any other advice?

Thanks in advance...


Subject:RE: Playback problem in Sound Forge
Reply by: jbolley
Date:1/14/2010 11:14:44 AM

I don't know that hardware but you're right to look at the drivers.
For audio device type in preferences what is selected?
You should be using ASIO drivers if you can, if the MAudio drivers don't work I would suggest updating them. If you don't want to do that try installing ASIO4ALL 3rd party driver and using that...
Do you have any other sound player applications open when you open SF? Windows media player, a web browser with youtube open etc?
What is your default sound device in windows? Have you tried making the MAudio device the windows default?


Subject:RE: Playback problem in Sound Forge
Reply by: Geoff_Wood
Date:1/15/2010 4:16:24 PM

Does it do the same with the all the different ways of Play and playback modes , ie Spacebar, Play button on file, Play button on toolbar, elsewhere ?


Subject:RE: Playback problem in Sound Forge
Reply by: mralchuck
Date:1/16/2010 1:45:35 PM

A driver update (to the latest M Audio ASIO drivers; they seem to have stopped providing WDM drivers somewhere along the way) seems to have eliminated the problem.

To answer some of the questions, though:
Sometimes other apps were open, sometimes not. Seemed independent of that.
The M Audio device was the default audio device.

Subject:RE: Playback problem in Sound Forge
Reply by: mralchuck
Date:1/16/2010 1:46:17 PM

and yes, Geoff, any way of telling SF to play failed.

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